"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers" - Plato


– táillí

As fee based financial advisors we allow for the full payment of all of our services by way of fee.

The purpose is to ensure that you, the client, can be confident in our independence as financial advisers and in our commitment to ensuring full transparency with regard to costs and charges.

Currently, we have three fee remuneration models that can be used:

Retainer Fees

Ongoing independent financial advice is extremely important and that is why we seek to meet with our clients on at least an annual basis where a full review of your financial affairs will be conducted. An ongoing relationship will be of great benefit to your personal finances!

Where the firm is engaged by a client to provide ongoing advice services then the fee per annum per personal client is €500 per annum.

Where the firm is engaged by a corporate clients to provide ongoing advice services then the fee per annum is €1,000 + €100 per employee per annum.

Retainer fees are applicable on life assurance or investment products and do not include once off reports, mortgages or other specialized areas of advice. Retainer fees are in addition to initial set up fees.

Hourly Fees

Where we are engaged by clients on one off items of work the general fee per hour is €100 for personal clients. The fee for corporate clients is €200 per hour.

The maximum charge under this model is €2,500 per agreed item of work. Fees will only exceed this by prior written agreement with the client.

Fees by product

Clients can pay by individual product arranged. There is a maximum fee of €1,500 per individual product arranged. The minimum charge is €400 per product arranged.

Commission Remuneration

The firm also operates a commission remuneration arrangement agreed with the client at the time of setting up of a policy that is designed to meet a defined financial objective. Where the client accepts a commission option then the applicable fee for the particular product is waived. A charge on funds under management will apply where a client does not opt for a retainer arrangement. The maximum charge applicable is 0.5% per annum.

The maximum charge on any one single premium or regular premium product is 5% of initial and renewal premium and/or .5% of fund based commission, subject to that commission covering the minimum fee payable for that product. (Minimum charge is €400)

Commission on life assurance contracts may vary and is disclosed on initial set up.

Commission on Mortgages arranged will not exceed 1.5% of total mortgage drawn down. There is a minimum fee on mortgage application of €1,500. Where the mortgage commission is below the minimum fee charge of €1,500 then the firm may charge the difference. All mortgage applications carry an application charge of €300 even if unsuccessful or not proceeded with. If a mortgage proceeds to Loan Offer stage there is a minimum charge of €600 if not proceeded with.