"The four most dangerous words in investing are: 'this time it's different." - John Templeton


– tuarastal airgeadais

We  can provide an opinion  to our clients on a wide variety of financial areas based on an assessment of their needs.

These include Pension Reports, Investment Portfolio Reports, Life Assurance Policy Reports, Inheritance Tax planning Reports.

After we have assessed a clients needs we will make a recommendation on the most suitable product available to meet that need.

Pension Reports

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If you have recently left employment, are approaching retirement or have a number of different pension plans in place, it can be extremely worthwhile to get an opinion on your pension provision. We will assess all your plans and make recommendations on suitable pension products that may be suited to achieve your retirement objectives. We will provide a breakdown of your current pensions, their cost structures, the investment portfolio, what benefits the client could reasonably expect and the options available at retirement. Our advice can make a significant difference in ensuring that your retirement plan is focused on your needs.

Investment Portfolio Reports

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You may have share investments, life assurance savings or investment plans, property investments and deposits. Whatever your investment mix we can assess your overall investment portfolio in terms of risk, investment profile and prospects for growth. An  assessment  could help you redirect resources into areas that are more aligned to your risk profile and redefine what are  your investment objectives e.g to provide for childrens education, for captial gain and/or for income in retirement.

Life Assurance

– Iniúchadh Árachais Saoil

We assess individuals and their particular circumstances and can tailor our report to your specific needs. If you have existing policies we can detail where these plans continue to fit your needs or where, perhaps, adjustments have to be made. An assessment of your position as regards life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection and Specified Illness cover could be of great benefit.

Inheritance Planning Reports

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It is now the case that many families with modest estates will  be brought into the tax net on death of parents. The rate of tax has also increased from 20% to 33% and may go higher. It is imperative that families ensure that a comprehensive plan is put in place as early as possible. Getting an  assessment of your potential liability and possible solutions suitable to your needs is critical and a plan should be implemented sooner rather than later.