"An té nach gcuirfidh san earrach, ní bhainfidh sé san fhómhar"

Investment Planning

– pleanáil infheistíochta

When it comes to the world of investing the range of options can be terrifying,intimidating and overwhelming.

Though markets may go up, down (or sideways)the value of getting the right and proper advice before you take any investment decision is timeless.

When making any investment decision it is always good to at least get a second opinion to navigate risks and make a profitable return.

Any investment must stand on its own merits and represent value for money – remember just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it a sound investment…

Investment Bonds

These are traditional investment wrappers that allow retail investors access a wide variety of unit linked funds(Equities,Bonds,Absolute Return and Proeprty), Deposits, Shares and ETFs. Tax is levied on a gross roll up basis every 8 years and no annual returns are required for Capital Gains Purposes. They represent an opportunity for a less experienced investor to access market investments and are hassle free.

Tracker Bonds

Tracker Bonds usually provide capital guarantees and are marketed towards the more risk averse investor who want to have exposure to markets but retain a deposit guarantee. The cost of the guarantee can impact directly on the value proposition of these investments. However, for some investors the access to potentially superior returns in return for capital guarantees is a major consideration. The best way to use a tracker bond can be where there is a deposit interest element with an add-on tracker element that can boost growth significantly.

Shares, ETFS and Bonds

Taking a plunge directly into the open markets is not for the faint hearted and would only be recommended for more seasoned investors. There is always the potential for sigificant losses and gains. We can assist you in constructing a portfolio that can give you a reasonable diversification of assets on a geographical and industry basis that can meet your requirements of capital growth and/or income generation.


We provide up to date reports to our clients on the best deposit rates in the marketplace. This can provide very risk averse clients or indeed clients looking for deposit diversification, with a secure and long standing deposit taker not linked with the Irish property market.


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

The value of your investment may go up as well as down.