Individual Financial Planning - PLEANÁIL AIRGEADAIS

"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers" - Plato

Financial Planning

– pleanáil airgeadais

What is Financial Planning?

Our ethos/philosphy is to ensure that our clients have a strategy to consistantly maintain standards of living regardless of lifestage or circumstances.

We strongly believe that financial planning is about setting realistic and achievable goals based on each unique financial circumstances.

“You’ll fail at 100% of the goals you don’t set – Mark Victor Hansen”

You can do no greater service to your financial affairs than sitting down with us and setting these goals!

Financial Planning Strategies

Once we have set your goals and established your priorities we will outline a plan shaped to your needs that will be a blueprint for your short, medium and long term financial planning. The strategies that we will suggest are about promoting financial independence and financial security and we will work as partners with you towards this end.

Annual Review

All clients of the firm will be encouraged to come in and review their finanical plan with us at least once a year or more if so desired. We are dedicated to our clients and ensuring that their needs are met regardless of changing circumstances. Even if there are bumps along the way, unemployment or loss of income we will continue to reappraise your plan to fit your needs.