Reward yourself with a pension!


  • Your pension belongs to you and you alone.
  • Avail of the power of compounding interest over time  Average rate of return from equities is on average 6% p.a. In the longer term the power of compounding interest at this rate of return could double your money every 12 years.
  • No tax on the returns within the investment.
  • Tax relief at up to 40% on the investment. If you were to put the money on deposit instead at current rates of interest it would take you 52 years to make the same return! Effectively turning every €6,000 invested into €10,000!
  • Tax free cash at retirement of up to €200,000.
  • Options in retirement allow retirees to control how they take their income.(subject to certain requirements)
  • A pension asset can be inherited by next of kin thereby creating a transferable wealth asset out of your retirement benefits!

Company Directors

1.Corporation Tax Relief (Not guaranteed, subject to limits)
2. No PRSI payable on employer’s pension contribution
3. No USC payable on employer’s pension contribution
4. No BIK (Benefit in Kind) on employer’s pension contribution
5. Tax Free Growth
6. Tax effective retirement lump sum
7. Post Retirement tax planning (ARFS)
8. Earnings cap not applicable to employer contributions!
9. Lump Sum Death Benefits (Limit of up to 4 X salary plus annuity, full proceeds of Buy Out
Bond to estate, if a preserved benefit)
10. Ability to backdate an AVC, and retrieve income tax, if within Revenue limits!